Equipment / Firefighting Tools
#101F Official Fire Safety Manual
Annual Fire Prevention


24-page activity book(Ages 6-7) - P, K, 1-2

Join Firepup® and his friends in this fun-filled fire safety manual. The fire and burn prevention and life safety lessons are presented through age-appropriate games. In addition, large appealing and easy-to-color pictures and numbers reinforce coloring, writing, counting, and number skills. Important words for every lesson are written in gray on the handwriting strip at the bottom of each page for children to trace and practice. Features a number and alphabet review.

Topics: Count With Me; There is Only 1 You; 2 Ways Out; 3 Rules for Minor Burns; 4 Smoke Detectors; 5 Actions to Practice (Stop, Drop, & Roll; Crawl Below the Smoke; and Cover Your Nose & Mouth); 6 Safe Meeting Places; 7 Fires Not to Touch; 8 Things to Learn (Name, Address, Phone Numbers); 9 Firefighting Tools; and 10 Fire Safety Friends.

#116F Firefighter Heroes: Serve and Protect
Friendly Firefighters


24-page manual - P, K, 1-2, LE

This manual is designed to help develop an early awareness and understanding of the many ways the fire department protects and aids the community. It helps children develop a healthy perspective of the job of local firefighters and encourages them to trust and respect them. Appropriate for the early reader. Contains word recognition on most pages.

Topics: Ways to Report an Emergency/Reporting a Fire; Answering Firepup®'s Call (Dispatchers); Responding to the Alarm; Answering a Call; Wearing Equipment/Wearing the Uniform; Searching for Missing People; Rescuing People; Helping the Sick, Burned, or Hurt; Fighting a Fire; Investigating a Fire; Inspecting Buildings; Teaching Fire Safety; Explaining Fire Extinguishers; Practicing a School Fire Drill; Answering a Fire Emergency; Piloting a Fireboat; Flying a Fire Helicopter; Fighting Forest Fires; Planting Young Trees; and Helping to Save Lives.

#203F Your Friendly Firefighter/Never Hide, I Am Your Friend
Friendly Firefighters


2-sided activity/colorsheet - P, K, 1-2

Firepup® and his young friends teach how our Friendly Firefighters help rescue people who are trapped in a fire. This folding activity shows children what a firefighter looks like with and without full turnout gear. It's goal is to make children familiar with the usual firefighting gear which may make a firefighter look different or sound scary. They will learn not to hide in a fire emergency. A quiz helps reinforce the information.

#206F Firepup®'s Jr. Firefighter Helmet
Friendly Firefighters


2-sided activity/colorsheet - P, K, 1-2

This cut-and-color activity reinforces what the "best dressed" firefighters are wearing with a fun "Get it in Gear" maze. After completing the maze, children can cut out and wear the fire helmet.

#518F Growing Up with Firepup®
Specialty Items


8"x37.25" full-color growth chart - F

This fire safety growth chart not only helps your child keep track of his or her growth, it also provides basic fire safety information.

Topics: Dial 9-1-1; House Numbers; Crawl Below the Smoke; Stop, Drop, (Cover your Face) & Roll; Fire Escape Plan; 2 Ways Out; Matches, Candles, Lighters; Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

#521F Firepup®'s Calendar: ABCs of Fire Safety
General Fire Safety Materials


24-page activity calendar - F

Firepup® and his friends the Fire Safety Brigade® find yet another way to involve children and their families in learning vital fire safety information. Families can date each day of the month, read the monthly fire safety and prevention information, and then fill in their special dates, like family and friends' birthdays, anniversaries, or school events.

Topics: The 3 Parts of Fire; Fire Drills; How to Report a Fire; Smoke Alarms; Carbon Monoxide Detectors; Smoke; Matches, Candles, and Lighters; Burn Prevention; The 3 C's of Minor Burns; Home Fire Safety; Friendly Firefighters; Fire Prevention Week; Stop, Drop, and Roll; and Yuletide Fire Safety.